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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Any Providers in the TWIN CITIES Areas?
LeslieG 06:24 AM 10-11-2013
My husband and I are wanting to relocate to the Twin Cities area in the near future. I grew up there and I really miss being close to my family. Also, I feel like my child care business would be much more successful over there. Right now we live in a smaller area in southern Wisconsin and it is SO hard to find families over here.

So I was just wondering (if you're a provider in the Twin Cities), is your daycare full? And how long do you usually have vacancies for?
Willow 06:33 AM 10-11-2013
Provided your prices, policies and amenities are comparable you'd have no problem getting and staying full
Blackcat31 06:34 AM 10-11-2013
We have several members from that area.

Preschool Teacher is one I can think of right off hand.

I know there are a few more here.

I'm in MN but about 4 hours north so I cant give you any input as to what the child care scene is like there.

I am sure someone will chime in and have some input for you.
preschoolteacher 10:10 AM 10-11-2013
I'm in the Twin Cities!

I have had a very easy time finding families. I began telling people I was opening a daycare back in the spring. Through word of mouth, I lined up families for all of my vacancies and had full enrollment two months before I was even licensed. I JUST got licensed last week, so now all of these families will be starting here next week. I was lucky to find people who, for various reasons, were able to wait for me to get my license. (Maternity leave, already in daycare but wanting to find a new place, currently had a nanny but were looking for a change).

I have 8 families on my waiting list right now. I think part of the reason I have had an easy time finding people is because I offer an educational curriculum and part-time care for prices that are not any higher than people who don't offer those things (according to my licensor, my prices are actually a little on the low side for what I'm doing). Not a single one of my daycare kids will be here more than 3 days a week. I think there is a need for PT care in my area but it's very hard to find. BTW---I plan to raise my rates in Jan.

The hardest part was WAITING for the county to get going. It was 7 months after the time I sent in my completed application before my inspection was scheduled. I just was waiting during that whole time. Once I got the inspection, I was licensed about a week later. So if you are planning to move, I'd start the licensing process AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

Send me a private message if you would like to talk more!
LK5kids 11:22 AM 10-11-2013
We just drove through the south side of Minneapolis to go the the Reniesance Fair in Shakopee and I commented to my hsband how many child care centers I was seeing. Tons! I immediately thought there has to be lots of demand for family child care too!

Where in southern Wi are you? I am also in so. Wi.
Rubysmom 05:28 PM 10-11-2013
I am in Twin Cities and have no problem staying full. As preschoolteacher said, start the licensing process ASAP upon moving. Its unbelievable how long it takes. Even my relicensing is now 2 months late by no fault of mine.
DCMom 10:17 AM 10-14-2013
I am in an eastern suburb of St. Paul and I virtually never have openings. I have been in business since 1989 and once I was full, I've never had an open spot longer than a week or two (unless I wanted that way, of course!)

What part of the Cities are you planning on moving to?
Sunshine75 02:04 PM 10-14-2013
I live in the Twin Cities (northwest) area and I have not had a problem getting families but I wanted a smaller group. I would also recommend getting started on your licensing right when you get here. When I lived in Sherburne county it only took me two months to get licensed but in Hennepin county it takes much longer. Not sure about Dakotas county ....
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