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I am paid!!!!!
she came in yesterday with the cash in hand,... plus 40 for next week. Will pay for rest of next week friday she said,.. of course, if not Ill tack on the 30 dollar weekend late fee because she wont come to town on the weekend and if she does, I wont be here, happy 13th anniversary to me!

however,.. I think since I was firm with her she is acting snotty to me,...

well... let me explain. Today at 1050 am I get a text, did A miss preschool activity (we made the clean mud)? I said, yes, we are outside playing now. Getting ready to come in and have lunch. So she says,.. well,.. exactly when is preschool time then?
I said, 830-930ish depending on the babies schedule. I do it when they nap.
so she shows up just after I hit send,... saying,.. we just got dressed, so he missed the mud?
Yes,... we did that after the big kids went to school while the babies were napping, just like I have done for 3 years. There are two schedules posted in the house, one in the entry and one in the kitchen. We do the same things at the same time every day...... so she says,... You mean he normally misses preschool? I said,.. our day is an all encompassing learning day, our calendar and weather, and any table work we do are done from 830-930ish every day. Ive mentioned that in almost every newsletter since I started doing it. But the days when he misses table time, he still learns because learning never stops here. Our lessons are continuing through our daily schedule."

She said, well,.. when does everyone get here? I said, well everyone but A was here by 615 this morning. By 830 they are ready to focus on things, then we play the rest of the day and go over what we learned, we dream, think, act goofy, etc. Its not a "preschool" its a learning environment in a family childcare home. If you want a preschool, then you need to enroll him somewhere else. I am happy with things the way they are. "

of course, then another child fell and I had to hit the reset button,.. lol. she got in her car and left,.....

She comes in early and sees us at the table one day a week, you would think it would dawn on her,... I think she thinks we have to wait on her,... NO. we have a daily schedule,.. period. If we waited on every kid for every activity,.. we would get nothing done. Tomorrow we will see if she gets up to bring him. I dont charge them for preschool, its not a huge deal, I use early start, I do calendar, weather, go over sight words, letters, colors, etc,.. sing some songs,... I mean, he only brings home one paper a week,.. what does she think.,...? ugh. Its not my fault she sleeps until 1030!
misol 10:40 AM 09-15-2010
Glad to hear you got your money!!!
Crystal 01:50 PM 09-15-2010
I had a grandma one time, pull her grandchild from my program because she wasn't learning anything. Mind you, Mom would get the child here just before lunch/naptime and she would be picked up right fter nap. I had spoken with mom multiple times about getting the child here earlier so that she could participate in preschool. mind you, I am a Master Teacher in ECE, kids learn everything they need to know and more before they go to kindy.

So, grandma starts paying $240 week for a center, (where of course the tachers have little training, they are there to supervise and do the crafts for the children so they turn out perfectly,) so her baby will learn. Well, same situation, the teachers talk to mom and grandma, saying the kid is missing out on everything, can you bring her earlier, yadda, yadda. Two months later they wanted to bring her back to me. One, because now grandma knows that I was right, AND because I only charged $15 week. Ummmm, sorry, no.

Poor child went to kindy not knowing her alphabet, not writing her own name, not able to use scissors, etc. The worst though, was she had no social skills and school has been a battle.

That's what happens when Moms put their own needs/desires before the childs.
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