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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Best Way to Be Paid - Pash or Check?
legomom922 07:17 PM 10-18-2010
Is there a better way of doing over the other? I have 2 sets that pays in cash, and the other in ck..Does it really matter?
Crystal 07:51 PM 10-18-2010
If you ever want to be able to get credit based on your daycare income only, it is best to be paid in check OR be sure to deposit all cash payments directly into your bank account so that you can prove stated income. Check is best for any future court cases, etc. that may come up if you need to take someone to court for non-payment....for instance they always paid by check, UNTIL the last payment due, they claim they paid you can show they always paid by check. I hope that makes sense.
AfterSchoolMom 04:40 AM 10-19-2010
I prefer cash - no problems with bounced checks that way.
TGT09 04:51 AM 10-19-2010
I prefer cash but I now only have 2 out of 5 parents pay me with cash. Like pp said, it's nice to not have bounced checks but I actually don't worry about that with any of my current parents. *knock on wood*. :-)
MarinaVanessa 06:49 AM 10-19-2010
It doesn't matter to me either way, I just make sure that I fill out a receipt and log the payment right away even if they don't ask me for one. I keep one of those written receipt ones which would work just fine in case I were ever audited. Cash is nice because I don't have to go to the bank and deposit it and then wait for it to clear. As long as you keep track of your records carefully and don't forget to somehow log it, it doesn't really matter.
Childminder 06:58 AM 10-19-2010
I prefer checks. The parents have a record of pymt and I just write their check# down each week so there are no discrepancies at year end.
QualiTcare 07:07 AM 10-19-2010
i like cash. i had a mom who was late with a payment because she forgot her check book. i told her it was okay bc i wouldn't be making it to the bank until thursday anyway.

i guess she thought if she brought me the check on thursday morning when i told her i was going to the bank, that i actually wouldn't be able to go to the bank bc i'd have daycare kids - including her own - until after the bank closed. what she didn't count on was me giving the check to my husband to deposit for me (and it bounced). when i said something to her she said just what i said - she didn't deposit it until wed. night bc i said i wasn't going until thursday and she knew i had kids, blah blah blah so it should've cleared by the time i deposited it. so, it was MY FAULT she had a bounced check! i told her it didn't matter because it WAS thursday and she was supposed to pay on friday for care for the upcoming week anyway!

it was a major pain - i had to make another trip to the bank which was not close by bc i didn't trust waiting for it to clear at my bank. i thought she might be PO'd and cancel the check. you just never know. same parent - later down the road - we weren't on great terms when i stopped keeping her child, and she handed me a check on his last day even though i asked her to bring cash. i really didn't expect that check to clear, but it did. if you stick with cash from the beginning, you don't have to worry when things are coming to an end about checks being cancelled or anything like that.
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