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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How To Handle Early Drop Off With No Early Care Contract?
Britnificent 11:08 AM 06-07-2017
We are a center and have hours from 8am to 5pm and morning care from 7:30 to 8am and after care from 5pm to 6pm. Our after care is optional and additional fee. It is for families who need the option. Our teachers arrive at 7:30am and are preparing the classroom space and activities essential for an optimal day. We have one staff person who will have the kids with morning care from 7:30 am to 8am. However, we have had some parents that slip in with the kids who have morning care or with a staff member and they'll either go ahead and drop off early OR stay and read a book to their child. I have let the parents know that unless they have morning care, school does not open until 8am and if you arrive earlier than that to wait outside until 8am. I have a few parents who are refusing to follow that rule and have let me know that they do not want to pay for after care. I am considering a fee $1 per minute for early drop off with no morning care contract. $1 per minute is what we charge for late pickup with no after care contract. Has anyone done this before? Is this a problem at your center?
daycarediva 11:19 AM 06-07-2017
I have the same policy at my in home child care, and will be a director of a center in July and implementing the same policy.

How are things arranged in your center? Can you do morning care in a specific room and have a sign in/out sheet that the teacher has to initial as well, and parents are billed based on those times?
Cat Herder 11:59 AM 06-07-2017
I bill the extra $1 per minute early/late fee based on the sign-in/sign-out sheets that I fill in, myself, upon arrival.

Can you have your lead teachers document kids arrival times then have parents sign in, instead of allowing them to write in their own times (for obvious reasons )? It is much easier managed that way, IMHO.
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