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sahm2three 08:41 AM 12-10-2010
He seriously NEVER stops talking. Where's X? What's that? Where go? And on and on and on. And even if he knows what I said, he ALWAYS says, what? UGH. And he talks loud. And so far, not having a lot of luck teaching him to talk quietly. Have a couple babies sleeping, and I am getting a headache! Any ideas? He thinks it is funny if I tell him to talk quietly, and if I ignore him he gets louder and louder until he is all but screaming. This age is probably my least favorite. There is just no reasoning with them and they don't completely understand what you are saying. Ugh.
Francine 10:43 AM 12-10-2010
Sounds like my daughter, she's 16 and still talks that much LOL I remember driving with her in the back seat and me in the front passenger seat, she would be saying Mom, Mom, Mom because every sentence that came out of her mouth had to start with MOM. I would sit in my seat not moving and my husband would tell her that I was sleeping just so she would stop.

I remember thinking to myself " is it terrible that my own child is giving me a headache?"

Just last night I was thinking OMG would you please stop talking for just a few minutes. LOL now it's not just talking, it's singing too!

Sorry, I'm no help but I feel your pain.
QualiTcare 06:11 AM 12-12-2010
i feel your pain too. my daughter was that way and STILL is at 6. she really has me ready to pull my ears off sometimes. i lose it and finally say SHUT UP - STOP TALKING!!! bc she won't go away. she doesn't ever want to be alone bc she'll have nobody to talk AT.

i told her she said something that wasn't nice yesterday and she said "well u hurt my feelings saying i talk too much and maybe i do but it still hurts my feelings blah blah blah blah"

i have no advice, but i'm about to get mine checked for hyperactivity bc her body never stops along with her mouth.
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