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tinytotzdaycare 03:22 PM 11-18-2009
This is not a scam nor is it free. As most of you have seen I do business with MC Fundraisers for all of my fundraising. I was on the phone with them today going over my 2010 event and I was mentioning that I am hoping to have more kids by my fundraiser in the spring....I am located in Iowa and my rep gave me a great idea for advertising...MC Fundraisers uses this as well as many other home based businesses.

Its called "Wishing Wells" They are HUGE wishing wells that Kiwanis, Lions clubs, churches and such use to collect money donations in various locations at the top of the wishing well is a large display board with business card PAY for your cards to be kept in the wishing well board ALL YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are located in other states besides Iowa too!!!!

If you are a provider in the CR/MARION area you can find a wishing well at the Collins Road Theatre in the lobby! Great exposure for a daycare since many of them do field trips each summer and throughout the holiday break.
Cost for this one specifically for cards on both sides is $197.00 for the YEAR!! This is a $16 a month! AWESOME DEAL! They refill the cards for you all you do is pay the fee (can be billed up to 30 days) and give the company the cards!!!

Need more info???? MC Fundraisers gave me the info and although I would love to share directly I am sure that my rep gets "a little" something for the business...tell them Tiny Totz Daycare sent you!!!
My rep said you may fill out the contact us page and just put Wishing Well in the comments box with your city and state. She will get back to you with the cost and closest location.

My rep has gotten a lot of business from having her cards in there....I am going to give it a shot.
Watchmaker 09:48 AM 12-09-2009
Hi, we are thinking of signing up our 18 month old daughter for daycare at JCC. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences to share about that daycare? Would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
momma2girls 03:08 PM 12-09-2009
Have you gotten any daycare calls from this wishing well? Let me know how it goes!!! Do you have any openings at all? I have gotten tons of calls for newborns thru the age of one. I can forward any of them that I cannot take to you, if you would like me to!!! It is great referrels for us!!!!
Unregistered 07:27 PM 12-11-2009
Do home daycares do fundraisers? I want to get a new easel, train table, and book stand. These purchases will come to around $375. That doesn't seem like a lot to earn from a fundraiser. I was just always under the impression you had to be a large center or have orders in bulk to participate. Does anyone know?
Unregistered 10:10 AM 12-15-2009
I am a home daycare and I signed up for MC Fundraisers. I am planning on doing it after the holidays. What I am doing is I am copying pictures of items I want for the daycare and posting the pictures on a blank microsoft document. I will then print this out and attach a letter explaining the fundraiser if they wish to participate. This way they know why they are participating and what the children will get out of it. I am also thinking about offering a $15 gift card to toys r us or a craft kit for the highest profits.
tinytotzdaycare 03:42 PM 12-23-2009
Many groups large and small do fundraising. If your parents know what they are fundraising for it will run much more smoothly. Cookie Dough sells great! I noticed someone mentioned MC Fundraisers...they are awesome but you need to understand that unless your parents and yourself are motivated to raise money a fundraiser will not be beneficial. Spring is a great time to hold a fundraiser such as MC Fundraisers or a bake sale. You could also offer extra care hours once in a while and charge a slightly higher amount and offer it as a fundraiser. ALWAYS show pictures of what you are buying with the money, its great motivation!!
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