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daycare 03:00 PM 06-13-2011
I cant recall who, but someone said that they have a form that they require the parents to sign on the last day of care.

It was a form that stated that all items were returned (list items off) as well as there were no monies due from either party and all business was final....
something to this degree

If you have this form can you share it with me. I have a family with a final day coming up and I have been having a lot of issues so I would love to have some form of doc signed like this...

thanks in advance
wdmmom 06:58 PM 06-13-2011
It was me.

Here's the form I have them sign on their last day:


By signing below, I, (names of daycare parents):
-have provided the required 4 week notice.
-have paid all fees and all accrued time off.
-understand that all services are completed, final and non refundable.
-have received all belongings.
-there will not be any action (legal or otherwise) taken against (name of daycare), its owner, or any of its affiliates.
-Account is closed and clear. No funds or otherwise is owed to or by either party.



To help us serve our clients better, please answer the following.
Reason for leaving:___________________________________________________

Would you refer us:__________________________________________________

Would you use us again:_______________________________________________
daycare 04:35 PM 06-14-2011
lol I just now found your post! You rock thank you for sharing this with me..
Honestly I wish that things were different and I didnt have to go this route, but with all that has been going on, I need to have something that states that all services are completed and no money is due from either party...........this form will be perfect thankyou!!
wdmmom 04:43 PM 06-14-2011
My pleasure! I drew it up myself because I, too have worked for some ridiculous families and I knew if I didn't get something, they'd try to pull something over on me.

Now I have everyone sign it when they leave and I've never once had a problem.
daycare 04:50 PM 06-14-2011
well I know that we cant prevent everything, but why not try right!!! lol

A few months back I had a family come by that left over 2 years ago. They stopped by unannounced to ask for a blanket back. OMG really. I called them a million times to tell them to come get it...lucky for me I have in my contract that any unclaimed items will be donated to the goodwill after Just when you think you got it covered....lmao................uggghhh
cheerfuldom 05:54 PM 06-14-2011
two years?!?!? what the heck were they thinking??? I don't have anything like this but maybe I should.....never heard of this issue before.
daycare 06:39 PM 06-14-2011
Lol we should start a strange things that happen thread
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