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Christian Mother 04:56 PM 03-29-2012
Does anyone have a form when your closing your daycare doors? All my parents know that the last day for all of us is 5/18/12. I gave them verbals on Tues. after I found out that the buyers will allow us to rent back for the last month of school. Thank God!! But I need to make it professional and I don't want to give a termination form bc I don't like the term seems a little negitive...kwim?!! I don't even know how to write something like this with out completely losing it.

I plan to restart my daycare once we get settled...
Michael 05:14 PM 03-29-2012
Perhaps one in here:
Christian Mother 05:56 PM 03-29-2012
I looked all over and even on the treads you provided but could really find any good does this look? I know that it is a little personalized as I only have 4 children in my care...each will have a special note in the does this look?


Date: 3/30/12

Dear Parents:
It is with regret that I inform you that effective 5/18/12, childcare services provided for
Child’s Name: *****
Child’s Name: *****
will be no longer be available.
Your child(ren)’s last day of childcare will be 5/18/12.

Thank you for entrusting your two children in my care and giving me such gifts as to watching*** and ***. These children are such blessing and I love them dearly! It is such a wonderful gift to have had the opportunity to be a part of your child's life and I do wish you all the best for the future.



Received by:
Parent/Legal Guardian: Date:
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