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wdmmom 12:39 PM 05-24-2012
Long story short:

I have a family that started out full time and is still full time (27 hours a week). We had some issues with them coming in on time so we changed their contracted hours. They've been with me for 16 months now. Well, again, they are having a tough time accommodating the contracted hours they set.

I offered for them to A.) Go back to full time with no later than a 9am drop off


B.) CHange their drop off time to 12 or 1230pm.

Apparently neither of those options seemed entising so they gave notice.

Tomorrow is suppose to be DCB's last day and I'm closing early. With this early closing means that more than likely he'd only be here for an hour or two max. Would it be wrong of me to remind DCF that I am closing early and to find out if DCB will come at all? What if I just told them not to? LOL

Have any of you gotten notice and not worked the last day the child was suppose to be in attendance?!
Heidi 01:01 PM 05-24-2012
no, I've never done that. I would just remind them you're closing early and then let them decide.
Zoe 01:13 PM 05-24-2012
I would just remind them that you're closing early that day. It has nothing to do with dcb's last day. If they decide not to come then that's awesome. If not, then you'll know that you at least have honored your commitment and it will be a short day.
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