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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Much Notice Would You Give Parents Closing?
BBDC 11:12 AM 09-12-2013
I will be needing to close my daycare because we are moving. My husband just accepted a promotion in his company but it will be an hour away in another state. So we will be moving. I was thinking 30 days is fair but I will hate to loose the income sooner than that. I love my families so this is all sad. Is 30 days fair? Daycare is super hard to get into here so I do feel bad for all my families. I wish someone would open a daycare here because they would have no problem filling up! Would it be fair to still ask them to give me a two week notice like in the contract? Im scared everyone will quit right away and I will have that time with no income. Most of my parents have been with me since the beginning so I know they like me but if daycare is hard to get into and there is an opening they might just want to get in?

On another note. I will be moving to Iowa and am hoping to get families right away. I am really excited because our new house is so set up nice for daycare as door right to basement for pick up and drop off! And has a big yard and big house! So that is really nice. Anyone else in Iowa do daycare?
butterfly 11:17 AM 09-12-2013
Congrats on the new job - for both of you!

I wouldn't give more than 30 days notice. Personally, I wouldn't require a 2 week notice from parents since you are the one ending the contract - but it would be nice to get it.
lovemylife 11:20 AM 09-12-2013
I would give 30 days notice. I think that is plenty of time. As for the parents giving you a 2 week notice I would ask them if they could give you notice but since you are ending the contract I don't think you should enforce it. But I totally understand!
BBDC 11:22 AM 09-12-2013
I was thinking of just "asking" if they could still give me two week notice but I wouldn't inforce it like you said.
Leigh 11:29 AM 09-12-2013
I tell parents that I will give two-weeks notice in most cases if I need to end care, and that is what **I** would do. More than that, and you likely will lose income.
Heidi 11:36 AM 09-12-2013
I live in WI...what area are you in that actually needs more providers?

Oh...a month is more than fair. You will probably lose some early, but that might not be a bad thing; there is a lot to do!
julie 11:49 AM 09-12-2013
I just had to do this. I think whatever amount notice you need to give that won't hurt YOU will be appreciated by your clients . I am pregnant, so it is a bit different. I am looking to downsize and daycare is hard to come by in my area so I let families know that I am closing at the start of Christmas holidays. Yeah, it's a lot of time in advance, but some are staying right up until the bitter end and some are probably going to drop out early. It doesn't really hurt my budget the way it seems it would hurt you to lose someone if they chose to go early. If I was in the opposite position (i.e. a parent with a child in care) 30 days is perfectly fair and nice of you to do. Good luck with your move!
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