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Bookworm 03:35 PM 07-30-2014
On Monday, I got my new class. The children transitioned well and their parents understand how I run my class. All except one. DCG is PT and comes after 10 am. My Director has asked her repeatedly to bring DCG in by 9. Mom says that she doesn't got to work until 10:30 or 11:00 so she's not bringing her that early, go back home, and then come back to work. They live on the other side of town from DC. We told her ok that makes sense and let it go. Fast forward today. After mom dropped DCG off she went to my Director to "voice her concerns" about DCG not being able to participate in any of the activities on my calendar. They came outside to talk to me about it and I reminded DCM that I explained to her that we begin all activities around 9:15 and she doesn't drop off until 10 or later. By that time we are done and on our way outside. I told her that I put any papers or art projects that we do in her cubby to take home. This wasn't good enough. Why can't we redo everything after nap so DCG can join in? By now, I'm starting to get annoyed. I told her I get off at 3. Nap is over at 2. By the time we get up, put away mats and blankets, go potty, and fill up water bottles it's 2:30-2:40. I don't have the time. So she starts with the "it's not fair" and "I pay for her to participate" rant. My Director steps in and told her that an easy way to solve this is to bring her earlier but since she is unwilling, there's not much we can do. She was not happy when she left.

Now I'm not doing this to be spiteful. I completely agree with mom's reason for not dropping off earlier. But I have a narrow window of time to do what we do. Now there will be several days that certain activities will happen after 10 so DCG will get to participate. Mom also wants us to schedule field trips for the days DCG comes (T, W, Th). She was told that is not possible but she can change a day in order for DCG to go. Still not good enough.

Ladies please pray for The Lord to put a watch over my mouth because this mom is going to be a challenge.
craftymissbeth 03:44 PM 07-30-2014
Oh wow. Yeah, you should definitely rearrange your entire schedule so dcm doesn't have to bring her early

Sure, she pays for the activities, but it's her own fault she doesn't bring dcg when the activities are actually done
NightOwl 03:46 PM 07-30-2014
It's amazing how the world revolves around this child and her mom and we're just now finding out about it!

I have the same issue with my nephew. My sister brings him about 1030am after me repeatedly telling her all the lessons are over by then. A month or so later, she goes to our mom and says that I don't do any of the curriculum that I say I do. Grrrrrrr.

You're doing the right thing by sticking to your guns. This lady needs to understand that she is the one who must adapt. What's going to happen when dcg is out sick one day in kinder? Is dcm going to demand the lessons be delayed until the next day? Or repeated so dcg doesn't miss anything? The entitlement just erks me so bad...

The only advice I can give you is to kill her with kindness and don't back down. I understand the drive is an issue, but SHE chose to put her child somewhere that's across town, so technically, not your problem.
jenboo 04:28 PM 07-30-2014
All I have to say is that you must have a fabulous director to back you up like that and risk and risk losing a family
Blackcat31 04:51 PM 07-30-2014
I would explain to DCM that she is either paying for the preschool experience or for child CARE.

If she is paying for the preschool experience, then school starts before 9. Kindergarten isn't going to wait until 10:00 when she has to work.

If she is paying for the child CARE, then her child is getting exactly that. Quality care.

It really is that simple.
Bookworm 05:32 PM 07-30-2014
Ladies, all of your comments were the same thoughts that I had. First, why would you put your child in a center that far from your home? If it's the mid point between your home and work then fine. You don't get to complain about a situation that you yourself created and could be easily fixed. I will never back down on this. Second, she picked her schedule. The option to go FT has always been on the table. She refuses. As for the field trips, even if I schedule on her off day, mom still has the option to meet us there and chaperone. Why do I keep getting parents like this?
Cat Herder 04:04 AM 07-31-2014
Originally Posted by Bookworm:
Why do I keep getting parents like this?
Because there are more of them than there are of us......
Tags:parental life choices, unrealistic expectations
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