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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Veggie Snacks?
DCMomOf3 07:16 AM 10-26-2010
I am looking for new snack ideas that provide at least one serving of veggies that is also toddler friendly. What are some that you like?
Blackcat31 07:24 AM 10-26-2010
My kids LOVE steamed cauliflower with chese sauce for dipping. Another fav is steamed green beans w/cheese for dipping. I also went to TJMAXX and bought a set of 12 mini salt shakers. We fill them with Mrs. Dash and the kids get raw veggies and their own shaker. They love eating the veggies just to use the shakers!! Whatever works huh?
SilverSabre25 07:28 AM 10-26-2010
frozen peas and frozen corn are both big hits here. As are baby carrots (plain or with dip...but really, no one here cares about the lack of dip!). Celery and cream cheese and raisins.
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