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Candyland 04:24 PM 12-13-2010
I think a nice plate of raw veggies are nice! Our school won't serve them cuz the majority of the kids won't eat them (that was years ago!!!); well; duh, I say...try them again and again. Most kids will reach for them when they see others trying them out.
Angelika Hutchinson 03:22 AM 12-16-2010
I agree, you cannot completely get rid of items on a menu a child does not like. Chances are they dont have other opportunities to try real food, like veggies so it is strange to them. But once you create more opportunities to experience veggies, the more they will accept them as part of their diet.

A way to help them not be too difficult to eat (especially carrots) is blanch them for a minute just to slightly soften them up. You are still keeping the nutrients and they become easier to enjoy!
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