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E Daycare 11:08 AM 12-28-2010
I have two interviews this Thursday in hopes of replacing the current dcg I have. In my contract I have that I can terminate care with a two weeks notice and I plan on doing so if one of these work out. Im pretty sure its going to be awkward to terminate as I never have had to before.Its just I cant take it with these people anymore and my stress that comes from the moron parents is starting to affect how I feel about their kid. I know that when it gets to this point its time to say BYE BYE.

How have you delt with the weirdness that comes with telling a parent to get out, especially after the holidays?
Cat Herder 11:34 AM 12-28-2010
It can be awkward until they walk out the door, and occasionally continue for a while when the emails start coming to "bargain". Just avoid the possible longterm email war and be prepared for a visit from licensing..... Be aware that they may start trying to gather the other parents to their "side"...this is best dealt with very quickly. The best outcome, for you, would be for them to decide not to come back when you give them their notice, IMHO.

Once they are gone, for the most part, the relief you feel will also be felt by the entire group of kids and everyone will benefit. A good fit is a good fit....a bad one is a nightmare for everyone involved. Good luck, hope it goes uneventful for you.
laundrymom 12:05 PM 12-28-2010
I am actuall doing this soon as well. I am probably doing it this Friday or next. Good luck to you.
boysx5 12:40 PM 12-28-2010
I had to do this last summer but for me two were part time and the new ones were full time so explained the reason they had to go is that I had to look out for my business and take on full timers they were not happy but you have to do whats best for yourself
Daycare_Mama 06:49 AM 12-29-2010
I don't think there's a whole lot you can do to make it less awkward, unfortunately. I gave 2 week notice last year for a 6 month old girl who cried CONSTANTLY, could not even roll over yet, and rarely napped. Parents held her all the time and I couldn't deal with it anymore. I actually started having spells where it would feel like the room spun for a second and things were blurry. I went to a few Dr.'s, all who thought it was stress. Didn't surprise me, she completely stressed me out! I gave notice, and within a month all those spells and eyesight things I was having stopped completely.

Now I'm getting off topic What I was trying to say is that I gave mom a 2 week notice, but mom couldn't find a new daycare and when she did, the woman was about to go on vacation. And of course she didn't want to leave me after 2 weeks only to pay another provider to go on vacation, so she wasn't starting until after the new provider came back from her week off. I tried to be accomadating and agreed to watch her for a 3rd week, but then one day I just sent a basic email just clarifying that such and such date would be dcg's last day and apparantly I made it sound like I was stressed because of the girl because Mom emailed me back and said, "I didn't realize dcg was the reason for your spells, I've found other care for the rest of the week and today will be her last day!" Sorry to say that I did not feel bad, I was so thankful to be done watching that baby!

Now with that said, it was immediately awkward as soon as I gave the parents notice. Mom used to hang around and chat about stuff when she picked baby up and as soon as I gave her notice, she had absolutely nothing to say to me in the mornings or evenings. I think they take it personal (which I understand), but I agree with pp, best scenario is they don't return at all once you give notice. If they do, you just have to deal with the awkwardness and just remind yourself of the light at the end of the tunnel.
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