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Unregistered 01:32 AM 06-29-2019
I have a parent let’s call her Sally who enrolled her daughter “K” three weeks ago. We just started our summer program so I have a few new staff members. J is with us from 7-3:30 most days. J wakes up from her nap by 2:30. I have had conplaints from her mom on multiple occasions that she picked her up and she has a horrible diaper rash and is poopy and has not been changed. I was shocked and thought maybe I didn’t train my afternoon girls well enough. I go in every day for a week and just watch them they are doing great. They get there at 2 and change diapers as the kids wake up. The kids eat a snack and J without a doubt poops right around 3-3:15. The girl do great with identifying it and changing her diaper. I am on vacation and Sally is blowing up my phone and sending me messages because yesterday she picked up J and she had a diaper rash and poop was dried to her skin.

Documentation shows in our system
Nap wake up 2:20
Diaper: 2:37 (sometimes it takes them a minute to log in when multiple kids wake up at once)
Snack: some at 2:45
Pick up 3:07

I call the center the girl says she was in the diaper room when mom showed up. J was with her and she was changing another poopy diaper and was going to change J next. Mom didn’t say anything other than she was going to change her herself when the girl said she was going to change her.

Mom admits that’s j was in the diaper room. But “doesn’t know if she was going to change her or not and doesn’t know if she really was changed at 2:30” and now doesn’t want the girl taking care of J

I have other teachers confirming she did change everyone’s diaper when they woke up.

This mom is really upsetting me because she doesn’t communicate with teachers, makes assumptions, and now is saying she doesn’t trust my staff. I am at the point where I want to respond to her email that if she is not comfortable she needs to find a new daycare

What would you do?
Unregistered 01:37 AM 06-29-2019
Also to add she has never had a rash identified at school and mom never wants us to put anything on her which is odd to me that a diaper rash that bad disappears within that time frame
Josiegirl 03:04 AM 06-29-2019
First question is why was dcm even in the diapering room? Sounds to me like that should be a definite off-limits space for parents. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding that part.
Other than that, I believe every care-giving relationship needs to be built on trust and if dcm is behaving this way, I agree with you; suggest she find new care if she's having a hard time placing trust in the care-giving at your facility.
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