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LITTLESTARS 08:53 AM 12-30-2019
Hi all, hope the holidays were great for all of you, well to start off I have had this parent for about 2 years I care for her 2 children, parent has always been a little difficult but she love the care I give her kids, and I have always felt with her professionally, but had to cross the line . My states the holidays and vacation i take a year , and this years she was so upset I closed for xmas eve and the day after xmas . She went and called my agency I'm contracted with and accused me of adding days off . Mind you I gave her enough time I posted on my front entrance the days I was gonna be closed for the holidays. My agency calls me just to see what was going on since they were also aware of my closing. Dkm comes in no goodmorning nothing. And today inhave her her 2 week notice. And now she wont leave. But her last day with me is in 2 weeks.
Ariana 09:45 AM 12-30-2019
Good for you! She is a moron who just lost really good care for her kid because she had a tantrum. Good riddance
LITTLESTARS 02:37 PM 12-30-2019
oh and the best part she just called me cussing , and telling me she will be calling my state visitor, she was so rude, screaming , I told her you know what I waive my two weeks my doors will be locked for you tomorrow and hung up on her. in the last hour I have had 3 calls from my agency, from my agency's director , she has called all over boston , what a loser she is , this is to teach her that good caregivers are so hard to find these days. I think tonight calls for some wine.....
e.j. 06:16 PM 12-30-2019
Yikes! I hope she calms down tonight and you don't have any problems with her tomorrow.
Blackcat31 06:07 AM 12-31-2019
Wow! that's a whole lot of drama just because you were closed *gasp* over a holiday!

I'm glad she showed you her true colors and you can start the new year off with less stress/drama.

SMH. So sorry you had to deal with that.
LITTLESTARS 07:19 AM 12-31-2019
Ugh horrible , I have been dealing DKM all morning. She was terminated last night . I waive her 2 weeks notice . She threatened my agency and myself saying she going to the news . Blah blah blah. She is so nasty . She said she was gonna come to my home with her brother. Lol. Hubby was not having that and told me to.lock the doors and if she comes call the police . Only for xmas holidays I took. Ugh I tell you . But I have peace of mind now so freeing. But I'm sure I'll get a surprise visit beacuse she put in a formal complaint with my licensor. I work as if everyday I'm expecting a visit so I know I'll be just fine. But did give immediate termination.
Ariana 07:55 AM 12-31-2019
If she is making threats call the police. Some people and their tantrums!

Glad you waived her two weeks notice. Now put her number on block and enjoy your time off
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