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Kindermom 07:14 AM 01-16-2021
Our lives have come to a point where I no longer need to do childcare to help support our growing family (#6 due this summer)!

Righ now I only have one family- part time. I watch my neighbors, who are school-aged, and they get along nicely with my kids. However, I have been watching other people’s children as a stay at home/work from home mom for the past 11 years and I desperately just want to be “mom” and focus on my family. I know my kids will be happy to not have to share their house, space, and mom as they have literally done their whole lives. We are at a point in our lives where we can comfortably close this chapter.

Even though I could financially quit now, I initially felt obligated to finish the school year bc I felt like I “owed” them the convenience of being right next door as far as bussing and what not. I felt badly that they will have to make other arrangements. Then I talked myself into once the third trimester starts (beginning of May) with the increase in appointments. However, I really think I would like to enjoy my time with justmy kids (who are being traditionally homeschooled by me this year-our first year) and focus solely on school with them and possibly more outdoor, Covid safe, options of things to incorporate into school once the weather (hopefully) breaks in April.

So, I am giving notice on February 1 that I will be able watch them through March. I feel like my kids deserve it and I deserve it but I can’t help but feel a tad selfish-like I should just suck it up til June, and then silly for feeling that way but it’s just my default. I guess I am just trying to make sure I am being fair and looking for some “it’s ok to put your family first” encouragement.

If you have read this far, thank you! 😁
Gemma 01:07 PM 01-16-2021
If you don't need it financially you'd be crazy not to quit.

I was closed from the birth of my first child, till my third child turned 2yrs old, that was the best time I had with my boys.
No stress, no licensing rules, no outsiders in and out of our home, no phone ringing off the hook, no drama, I could go on and on....
I am forever grateful that my husband was able to provide for our family, so that I could dedicate 100% of myself to raising our little ones. Trust me, if you can be ok financially without earning an income, quit, you won't regret it.
Your neighbors may not like it, but they can't give you back these years with your kids ...good luck
e.j. 05:23 PM 01-16-2021
If I were in your position, I'd quit, too. You don't owe your neighbors anything other than maybe giving them enough notice to make other child care arrangements. Letting them know in Feb and giving them until the end of March to find someone else is more than generous. Do what's best for you and your family.
Josiegirl 01:43 AM 01-17-2021
I agree completely with the 2 PPs. For me, there'd be absolutely no choice and you're being more than kind and fair by giving them such a huge notice.
YOU have a family and you're expecting another; no way in HE!! would I stay open any longer than needed if I were in your shoes. You've already gone above and beyond for others; it's now time to do what YOU want to do. Your family will be the ones to benefit. Don't let any kind of guilt suck away that happiness. Go for it!!!! Your dcfs will manage. Trust me.

Congratulations and good luck!
DaveA 07:13 AM 01-17-2021
You’re making the right call. As much as I enjoyed childcare as soon as it made sense for my family for me to be in my shop full time I closed. It has turned out to be a great decision on multiple fronts. You’re giving plenty of notice (I gave 4 weeks).

Enjoy the next chapter with your family.
Kindermom 09:06 AM 01-18-2021
I wanted to thank all of you for your encouragement and replies. Oddly enough, dcm asked me today about summer plans and also asked about increasing my days.

I went ahead and told her I won’t be able to after May 1.

They are not thrilled, and I think it is mostly due due to them being inconvenienced by my decision and maybe a bit of surprise too. While I hope that this does not tarnish our neighborly relationship, I am trying to remind myself that 3 months is plenty of notice and if it does tarnish things then that is on them and their doing as I was more than fair.

I know I will look back on all of your helpful replies in my moments of doubt and weakness. Thank you!!
Josiegirl 11:46 AM 01-18-2021
You're exactly right, if she holds a grudge due to this it is on her. Three months is way more than fair!!
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