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Unregistered 09:39 AM 01-27-2011
I need opinions please...

In my contract it states that I will give 30 days notice prior to terminating care. There may be an unexpected job opportunity coming my way and I doubt that they'd be willing to wait 2 weeks.

Does anyone have any idea if there would be a legal consequence if I were to only give 2 weeks?
AnythingsPossible 10:00 AM 01-27-2011
Repaying deposits parents made? Repaying any payments already made for daycare that you will not be offering? What does it state in your contract? What could parent's possibly penalize you with?
Unregistered 10:16 AM 01-27-2011
I don't have deposits or have people pay for more than one week ahead...I was a little worried someone might take me to court and make me pay the difference in child care for the additional two weeks...if they indeed ended up paying more.

Mostly, I just want to do the right thing for everyone. The job thing isn't likely to happen again soon--it's perfect.
MyAngels 10:32 AM 01-27-2011
Maybe you could do an addendum to your contract changing the 30 day time frame?

Keeping in mind that I'm not a lawyer , I would imagine that the only liability you would have if you terminated with less than 30 days notice would be 1) any difference between your rate and another caregiver's rate that they would have to pay for alternate care for the difference between whatever notice you give and the 30 days stated in your contract, or 2) any lost wages they experience if they absolutely cannot find care after you've given notice and the 30 day time frame (though the second would be difficult to prove).
Abigail 10:43 AM 01-27-2011
I agree to MyAngels answer. I would create a new "Termination" section in your contract. Have the parents sign it. It would be best to say:

4. Termination
Trial Period
The first 2 weeks in my program is an adjustment or trial period. During this time, either the parent(s) or provider may terminate this contract immediately without written notice. After the 2 week trial period has been completed, a 2 week written notice by client is required to terminate this contract. Provider may terminate the contract at will without giving any notice.

Parent/Guardian Signature, Date

Provider Signature, Date

Make sure to put somewhere the date given: (Today) and the Date Effective (2 weeks from date given)

(I left out my Deposit section since you don't have one) If the parents ask why you are changing it, tell them that you're just updating records and this is what is recommended for providers to have in their contracts.
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