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ldot 02:52 PM 02-09-2011
I started doing day care in my home in January. I have a child that will be 3 in May. He does not listen, he tells me no constantly, he pesters the others constantly, he is doing things he knows he shouldn't constantly. It is to the point where it is taking up a lot of my time and it is exhausting and taking away my time with the other kids. I feel it is also harming the other kids not only because I don't have much one on one time with them but they hear me say no all day long. They are not seeing the best of me. I use 1-2-3 then timeout as discipline.

I know he was like this at previous day care provider.

When does it get to the point where you need to let them go?

Any comments, advice, opinions are appreciated!

countrymom 05:12 PM 02-09-2011
I would give it a couple of months. You have to understand that
a)he's new
b)your new to the daycare world
c)its the age
d)he wants to see how far he can push your buttons

don't give up, it will work for you. It doesn't sound like he's that bad.
nannyde 05:29 PM 02-09-2011
Any time you have a child in your home that requires care you can't give then you can terminate. It's not fair to him to be in care with someone who doesn't feel comfortable caring for him. He deserves to be with adults that are fully capable of providing excellent care all of the time. If he needs an adult to one to one him in order to keep him and the others around him safe then being in a group with one adult doesn't work for him.

Terminate for HIM. Do it tomorrow. He deserves it.
Abigail 07:11 PM 02-09-2011
Idot.....First off I'm sorry I had to laugh because when I first saw your member name I read it as Idiot. What does Idot stand for?

Anyways, How long have you had this boy? This week try to avoid the word "No" when you say it. It will make you feel better. The more he hears the word the more he'll use the word. I would schedule a meeting with the parents and say your traditional 1-2-3 time out isn't working and that you want to discuss other forms of behavior guidance and work with them on it. Redirection the first time and avoid saying "No", just redirect him to another activity. Praise, praise, praise...he wants attention. If he is bothering another child, try to involve him in active group play so he feels included instead of pestering. Let us know of specific situations and we will help you as best as we can. It's definitely a learn as you go, but I honestly wouldn't terminate over this. If it was aggression and foul language, that's another story.
55CMK83 07:24 PM 02-09-2011
I think you need to terminate right away for the sake of this child. Secondly, I think you need to understand the age of this child - you said this child turns 3 in May. At the age that this child is they really don't understand the word NO when you tell them. Time outs don't work at this age either - redirection is going to be your key. I think for future reference, stick with the older children
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