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Michelle 09:20 AM 03-09-2011
This past weekend my 18 year old daughter moved out and I was so busy cleaning, painting, and getting her old room ready for my 15 year old dd.
Well, at lunch time I had no dck's to cook for and I was in a hurry, tired, emotional (about 18 year old) and I just threw some chicken nuggets in the microwave and served them to my 7 year old daughter.

She said " but where's the vegetables?
I was so surprised!!!
Before I opened my daycare 11 years ago, we had terrible food habits, we ate out all the time, fast food, donuts, I would buy veggies and they would just go bad in the fridge. But since I have been on the food program and chasing after little ones , I have lost over 100 pounds and my family eats very good.
It was such a good feeling when I realized this!!!
jessrlee 09:23 AM 03-09-2011
Aww! That is so great! Congrats on the weight loss, and boo to daughters that grow up!
E Daycare 10:10 AM 03-09-2011
Thats awesome!!! DS asked me yesterday for more carrots and cucumbers at dinner (hes 20mo). I of course said "OK!! HERE HAVE AT IT!!" lol I told my family "I must be doing something right, right?". Hope it continues
safechner 10:18 AM 03-09-2011
It sounds just like my daughter who is 8 1/2 years old. Sometimes, I was too busy doing something else and I cook something fast and give to my both daughters and I forgot about vegetables. They must have vegetables with it, lol.
e.j. 10:21 AM 03-09-2011
When my dd was younger (about 6 or 7), she asked me if she could make her own lunch. I said she could, thinking she'd probably eat a bunch of junk but it was only meal so it didn't concern me too much. I was really suprised when she used one of the divided plates we use for day care lunches and she carefully filled it with a protein, grain, veggie and fruit - something from each of the meal components required by the food program. She was paying attention after all! I guess the food program is good for something else other than just reimbursing us for food. I'm a little jealous, though. I wish I could say I'd lost 100 lbs, too! Congratulations! You deserve a lot of credit for that.
Michelle 12:22 PM 03-09-2011
thank you everybody, it was hard losing the weight but totally worth it. The food program makes us go to these yearly training meetings and that's when I finally woke up .
cute stories!!! yep I guess that old saying is true, "don't just talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk"
Abigail 12:38 PM 03-09-2011
I would be much healthier if I grew up on food program. Even our elementary school served brownies as the "treat" and I had chicken nuggest with milk or a chicken patty....this went on for years.

I'm looking forward to learning the food program because I KNOW I will have different food in my house than I currently do. Where is the "like" button for your post? LOL, good job on losing the weight and you'll enjoy your extra space and be okay with your 18 year old out of the house. Now you can help her with her learning the ropes to being a young adult on her own! Remember, she's not "gone", it is just another stage of life.
Michelle 12:50 PM 03-09-2011
Thanks Abagail,
She is renting a room from a friend and is just across town. She is in college full time and working part time.
It is just so hard because she is my first girl and it seems like she dosen't need me or even miss me. She will come around every few days to raid my kitchen but if it wasn't for facebook I wouldn't even know what she was doing.
But you are right, I need to let her be an "adult".
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