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daycare 03:23 PM 03-17-2011
One of my DCK brought croup to the DC and now 3 more kids have it. Sent home two today. I also have kids of my own and am now worried about my entire family.

Tomorrow I only have 2 kids and both of them are also sick. I have school this weekend and the only day that I would have to air out my house and bleach it all would be tomorrow (fri).

If you were me would you close tomorrow so that you could take care of business??

Also, I was thinking about sending a letter home stating that if anyone was still coughing and runny nose come monday morning to stay home?

It has been over a week and all of the kids are dropping like flies........

what do you think
momatheart 03:27 PM 03-17-2011
I would call parents and let them know of course that there are 2 cases of coupe and that you will be closed especially since those 2 kids coming are sick. Also this is HIGHLY contagious. If they have coughs and colds now the parents should get them to dr for a perscription since they were exposed.

The ones out with this will be out for sometime.

I mean croup not coupe
daycare 03:43 PM 03-17-2011
the two that are coming tomorrow as of right now only have colds. They both have coughs, runny nose and sniffles big time..

One of them went to the doc yesterday for sinus infection, she has seasonal allergies really bad, but nothing was said about the cough??

I feel that if I don't close tomorrow when will I get the chance to bleach the DC and the rest of my house down???? ugh

btw I knew what you I have really bad spelling so I am used to
momatheart 04:11 PM 03-17-2011
Isn't the test for croup really horrible. They go up your nose and down and scrape? Plus I heard it can take weeks for results. Am I thinking of the right sickness?

You know with the other 2 already having colds you could tell the mom that since you have two confirmed cases of croup and with the two already having colds and their immune system being low already you feel it best to really air out and disifect your daycare so you will not be open tomorrow. (and they do not have to pay, this may be a way to ease the short notice however do not mention to the others about a no pay day Up to you!) Tell mom you would hate for their colds to get worse.
daycare 04:15 PM 03-17-2011
thanks for the advice. Just sucks that i will have to take a no pay day to clean my entire house becuase parents dont keep their kids home when sick...gggeeerrr

I will throw that out their to the parents thanks so much for your help....
Meyou 02:50 AM 03-18-2011
I closed for 2 days last year when my kids brought home lice from school Good times.

I told the parents that I couldn't let anyone into my home until it was cleaned and disinfected. A couple said they didn't mind and that they were sure their kids wouldn't get it but I wasn't willing to take the risk. You could say something similar. Taking how contagious it is into consideration you need time to make the daycare germ free for the kids again so noone gets it twice.
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