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Old 02-04-2020, 06:29 AM
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Default 2yo with Selective Hearing

I have a just turned 2yo. He's been with me for 4 months now and he does not listen! I know it's typical for this age, but I can't get through to him at all. He's not a terrible kid, but won't listen to any instructions. He is currently an only child and watches ALOT of TV at home. My son had the TV on before school yesterday and when I turned it off, DCB whined around for 10 minutes then fell asleep on the floor.

My biggest issue is that he wants to run trucks, cars, etc on my couch. My couch is starting to show wear (not from him, just in general) so the kids are not allowed to mess with the couch. We have new furniture coming next month, so I really want to break this habit before the new stuff gets here. Every other kid has figured it out, but he will not stop playing on it. He always looks at me as he's putting the toys up there. If I ignore in hopes that he saw me looking at him, he still puts his toys on there. When I say his name, he ignores me. If I raise my voice or walk towards him, then he will take the toys down. I end up taking the toy away and he cries EVERY TIME! I don't understand how after months of the same routine, he doesn't know that the toy is going to get taken away.

Another instance, my daughter took a few of the kids outside yesterday. They had to stay on the driveway because the grass was wet and muddy. After a few minutes she brought him back in because she couldn't keep an eye on anyone else because he went wherever he wanted and ignored her constant instruction of where they were allowed to play. The weather hasn't been great, so they haven't been outside much, so I can understand this situation a little more.

Am I expecting too much from him? Any advice? I've been staying consistent for months now and he's not catching on.
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Old 02-04-2020, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by gumdrops View Post

Am I expecting too much from him? Any advice? I've been staying consistent for months now and he's not catching on.
I don't think you are expecting too much of him but I do think you need to rethink how you help him understand these expectations.

If he isn't learning with the signs, cues and words you are using now, you need to find an alternate way of getting him to understand.

For example when he is going to play cars, put the car WHERE you want him to play. Tell him/show him he is to play there. if he tries to take the car from the area you want him to play in, take it back and say "play here".

I would role model this for him, praise him when he complies and be on the ready to redirect. 2 yr olds are quick! He more than likely knows but some kids really enjoy that power struggle between what they know the need to do/not do and the provider getting them to comply.

Set him up for success verses keeping an eye on him to do wrong. KWIM?

Redirection will be front and center at this age but role modeling and praise for complying works well.

When outside, maybe have some visual barriers that show him where he must play. Direct him specifically to where you want him to play. "Play HERE"

If he runs off, return him to where you want him to play.
"Play HERE".

If he does not comply then have him sit or hold your hand until you are ready to let him try again.

Rinse and repeat.

^^That seems to be the 2 yr old mantra in my experience.
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Old 02-04-2020, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Rinse and repeat.
Agreed. This happens more than we'd like with the 2yo's in our center. Redirection is key.
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