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Old 02-13-2020, 05:45 PM
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Angry Never Been So Heartbroken Over Leaving a Job

Sorry to keep bothering eceryone, but I don't know who or where to go to vent to people. I'm the teacher that reported two teachers and lost her job. It's been a little over a week and I can't stop thinking about the situation and I can't stop crying.

I miss my kids. I know they'll forget about me soon but I wont forget them. I also wish they could remember me forever lol. I miss them so much. I also can't stop being angry at the other witnesses for not talking. I can't stop being angry that I was the one they wanted to get rid of! The one who did what was right for my students.

Why would you give me the option to resign and not the abusers? I know I had no proof but still. It makes no sense. I understand they just wanted to cover their butts but in the long run, you're covering up abuse. That wont stop the abuse. The abuse will continue and something super bad could happen then you wont be able to cover your butt and that'll be a bigger storm than this.

May as well rip off the band aid off and come to terms with the fact that a director and assistant teacher are abusive. No matter their title or how many years they've been there. Another thing that makes me mad is that to most people earl childhood is a business and they only want money. They don't care what happens on the inside as long as it looks good on the outside.

I'm even questioning the things that took place. Like maybe the things they were doing weren't bad enough? I know that's not true but it seems like no one cared enough to do anything about it. Even he ceo said, "Did she call the student a bitch to her face or under her breath?" He completely ignored me when I told him they put blankets in the kids mouths to keep them quiet.

He gave no ****s. The cop even said she had nothing criminal? I MEAN A BLANKET SOUNDS CRIMINAL TO ME! I wish I gathered evidence. The lead teacher also grabbed a kids' face and her fingerprints were left on his face for 15 seconds after she did that. THEY'RE 1!

I'm pissed at the other teachers for staying silent and I'm pissed at the ceo guy. The main director and assistant director also left a sour taste in my mouth even though I don't think they had a lot of power in this; I just really liked them. I wanted to stay but I knew they didn't want me there. I rocked the boat and they don't like that. It's a good center minus those two ladies. I really didn't want to leave.

Heartbroken over the injustice. Also the health department investigated AFTER the other investigation. My dad said that's suspicious and the center probably has someone on the inside. The heath department is suppose to come first and they didn't.

I wish I got evidence. I'm giving early childhood one more chance.
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Old 02-14-2020, 03:42 AM
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Oh my. Some things are hard to prove and I can understand the state not rushing in without tangible evidence. OTOH it's truly sad that those people never stepped up with you to support you and your statements. You might be feeling terrible right now but I have to say, again, that you should feel good that you're the one who risked your job and had the courage to say anything at all. The others are probably losing sleep and dealing with their consciences over what they should've done instead of kept quiet.
If/when they hire someone else and that person also risks what you did, then just maybe they'll do something.
It's a very hard position for you to be in but please know that you're the one who will make a difference.

And I'm glad to see you haven't given up on childcare completely; sounds like the profession needs more caring providers.
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Old 02-14-2020, 11:02 AM
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It is an unfortunate turn of events. Things rarely turn out like they do in the movies, where the good guy wins.

Have faith that karma will come back to get them in the end. I spoke up about sleep time abuse while I was on a student placement. I confronted her right in the sleep room and later I told my field professor about it. Nothing was really done at the time and because I was just starting out I let it go, or felt I had no choice because I needed a job and references. A few years later that same woman was fired for similar reasons.
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sad situation, saddened

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