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PitterPatter 11:48 AM 08-03-2011
I have been wanting to change my plain pencil 3 shelves bookcase because the kids can't get the books in right and every day I sit down on the floor and have to put all of the books back. I saw a sling type bookcase here and that's what I decided I wanted, until I saw the handmade ones! I wanted to share the link here in case anyone else may be interested. I am heading to Lowes and the Fabric store on payday to start my project. There is so much u can do long, short, stacked rows, staggered rows or just line the room with them. U can change them for holidays, make them reversable etc. They remind me of the raingutter shevles I have seen around. Anyway here's the link.

Fabric hanging book display

Raingutter shelves

Meyou 12:01 PM 08-03-2011
I love the fabric ones! My ddis looking over my shoulder asking for some for her room too. lol
kidkair 12:48 PM 08-03-2011
I love my rain gutter book shelf! The fabric ones look really nice too but I can see them being problematic with small books.
sharlan 01:48 PM 08-03-2011
I saw on raisingolive's website where she made a magnetic wall. I'm going to try that out in my butler's pantry area. It's a long, narrow area between my kitchen and formal dining/school room.
Crazy8 01:55 PM 08-03-2011
I had that fabric tutorial on my pinterest board for a while now, but didn't want to bolt anything to the wall so ended up with the one from One Step Ahead. The "slings" get deeper as you go up so the bottom sling is only about 3" (great for baby board books) the next 4", the next 5", etc. So the taller books go in the top/back sling.

Not as cute, but I've also seen the Ikea spice racks on the wall as bookholders too (saw that on pinterest too ).
KEG123 04:14 PM 08-03-2011
Very cute. Might be something to consider putting in ds and future dd's room.
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