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Soupyszoo 02:00 PM 02-22-2012
I am so excited that I found this site! I was having a hard time with a little girl I watch. She is 6 months old and cries all the time. I started googling my problems and came across It is exactly what I needed! I have learned so much from everyone on here! I don't feel alone anymore. I was amazed and relieved that there are others in the world with same problems as me. I look forward to picking your brains and sharing a few of my "situations" with you all and getting your opinions
Michael 02:01 PM 02-22-2012
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
Blackcat31 02:09 PM 02-22-2012
MarinaVanessa 02:20 PM 02-22-2012
Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it just as much as I do!
kayla 02:40 PM 02-22-2012
yeah this site has done wonders for me... before i found it i thought i was the only one with problems with dcf and dck nice to be able to chat, vent, and get to know others dealing with the same issues.... Especially because no one can imagine what we do unless they were in our shoes... welcome!!
Countrygal 04:10 PM 02-22-2012
Welcome! Glad to meet you!
Heidi 05:03 PM 02-22-2012
cheerfuldom 05:54 PM 02-22-2012
please stick around! I wish I would have had this site when I first got started because lordy, did I have some issues at the beginning. It is always better to have some support from people in the same situations.
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