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Momof2Boys 05:46 AM 05-20-2010
My state, Colorado, offers CCAP, which is a childcare assistance program for parents. They cover up to a certain amount for a child (different ages are different amounts) to help parents afford childcare.

For my county, this is what they cover per day:
Licensed Family Child Care Homes
..............0-18m 18m-36m 3-5 years
Full Time: $29.50...$28.50......$27.00
Part Time: $16.50...$16.25......$14.00

So my question to you all is this: How can I use these to determine "affordable" daycare rates to use with starting my own in-home daycare. Do childcare assistance programs usually fall pretty far below the average cost of daycare, or are they usually pretty right on? Would I be safe charging $5 more each amount listed?

Thanks for the help!
momma2girls 06:46 AM 05-20-2010
I don't know about COlorado, but here in Iowa it was way below!! It was $11.00 per child per day, below what I charged when I took on state paid children.
Pammie 06:52 AM 05-20-2010
Your best bet would be to call other home daycare providers in your area and find out what their rates are...and price yours accordingly.
In most areas of the county, rates vary considerably - even between neighborhoods!
Unregistered 11:01 AM 10-15-2012
I'm curious which Colorado county you are in / referring to. I know each county is different & the amount is supposed to also vary based on house hold income & # of children in day care. What are the #s based on that you posted. I'm just trying to get a rough idea to gauge our situation on.
We took temporary custody of our 2 grandchildren almost 4 weeks ago (5 months & 2 years). CPS promised us emergency child care assistance but we haven't received it yet. We couldn't complete the Human Services application yet b/c we didn't have the kid's SS #s (just got yesterday). We have 2 of our OWN (10 months & 3 yrs 10 months). We can NOT afford day care for all 4 on our own & would LOVE some advice, if there is any to be had. We are TRYING to apply for aid & for "kinship certification" but that stuff all takes 3-4 months & we could be BANKRUPT by then!!
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