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Play Care 12:47 PM 08-19-2013
I have a tall bookcase in my play area that needs to go. The strap securing it to the wall seems to be loose (and it's been a PITA all along) and I would like a shorter unit anyway. I'm wondering though if there is a certain height where you have to secure the unit to the wall. I'd like to get a unit just short of that requirement
I put a call in to licensing because I don't see anything thing specific (ie: "at 4 feet it must be secured") but was wondering what your regs say and what you do?
Michael 02:08 PM 08-19-2013
That may depend on the state you live in. You list your location as: ADK

Since its a bookcase I would find the studs in the wall and screw in the back of the bookshelf to the wall stud. Here is a good article:
heyhun77 04:55 PM 08-19-2013
Usually it's anything over 3 feet that needs to be anchored to the wall.
Play Care 03:48 AM 08-20-2013
Originally Posted by heyhun77:
Usually it's anything over 3 feet that needs to be anchored to the wall.
That's about what I thought. Our old bookcase had a strap that we attached to it that attached to the wall. In the last year it's gotten loose and no amount of tightening helps. I've wanted it gone for some time but am finally able to replace it with another, shorter unit. I'm hoping that either it will be easier to secure or it will be short enough so it's not an issue. I want to be sure it's safe though.
MCC 05:09 AM 08-20-2013
In Virginia:

Unstable heavy furniture:
This standard applies to items over 4 in height that are both heavy and unstable and that children could climb up onto or that children would be strong enough to pull over. This includes an unstable piece of furniture less than 4 high if there is something heavy enough to injure a child, such as a television or small refrigerator, on top of the unstable furniture.
itlw8 05:27 AM 08-20-2013
also depends on how wide the base. short one will tip if the base is narrow.
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