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MissAnn 04:39 PM 06-20-2014
I know some of you have a different pay scale for they don't have to pay for breaks. Can some of you explain how it works? What if the teacher is paying a higher rate during the school year and then either they or you term? I really want to do this but I want to know the various ways you guys are making it work! Thanks!
DaisyMamma 03:57 AM 06-21-2014
Regular weekly rate x 52 = yearly tuition
Take yearly tuition and divide by the number of weeks they will attend.
childcaremom 05:43 AM 06-21-2014
I figured my rates out the same as Daisy. Those were their rates, period. They were higher than my full year clients but their spot was held for them at no charge over breaks. I had it in our contract that care was not available during summer, christmas or spring break. I even added that I would not provide care on storm closures when their school was closed. They were not getting a deal or paying more, it was just a different contract. Therefore, if they would have left, or I would have termed, it would have been handled the same as my other clients who were full year attendance.
midaycare 07:55 AM 06-21-2014
I just interviewed 2 teachers. I make them pay for all weeks during the school year, but not summer. I like a lighter load in the summer. I must have a $500 deposit if they are planning on returning, though. I don't want to get stuck holding a place in the fall when a teacher changes his/her mind.
MissAnn 08:08 AM 06-21-2014
So far I've been charging 2 days at part time rate which ends up being 1/2 price. I think I'll simplify this and just say 1/2 of regular fees and you can bring your child 2 contracted days per week. There will be one week they won't have to pay fees because it's my unpaid vacation.

I used to give a free week to everyone...but I got tired of keeping track. This next year I think I'll offer no free weeks.....but instead 1/2 of regular fees for fall/spring breaks and they can bring their child 2 days.

I take my paid vacation during Christmas break.....8 days....5 vacation and 3 Holidays.

Still trying to figure out if I want to remain open or if I should close in inclement weather days.

I'd still like to keep reading what you guys do.

There are programs in my little town that cater to teachers. They don't charge for any of the breaks and holidays. Makes it a little harder to charge full price for summers! I get a lot of teachers kids because I am very strong in academics but still, some don't want to come here because I do charge for those breaks.
spinnymarie 05:20 PM 06-22-2014
We cater to teachers. We are only open on teacher workdays through the year, so closed all breaks and holidays.

Makes it a little simpler, since we don't have both costs to figure. However, we decided to charge approx what they would pay across the year if they got half-rates for summer. But since they only attend 10 months/yr, we divided the yearly tuition across ten months evenly - leaves a very simple billing process. We have a deposit too for holding the space over the summer.
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