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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Looking at taking over established daycare center ASAP HELP
AngiesCareXYZ 02:13 PM 10-22-2014
Any advice on what to look for when looking at this place? I get a tour today at 6:15 PM. I know that the woman owner died a couple yrs ago. Husband has been running ever since. He is not a good business man. Wants someone to take it over. I don't know anymore than that. I have no conditions yet or anything.

Help. What should I look at and what questions should I ask in this first meet?
DaveA 05:12 AM 10-23-2014
Is he looking for someone to purchase it or looking to hire a director?

As for things to look for:

Enrollment- What % of capacity is the center operating at? Can the local market support the capacity?

Building: What shape are the facilities in? Are there major repairs or upgrades needed? What's the neighborhood like?

Materials: Are the classroom & public areas well stocked? Is any computer system reasonably up to date? Do the classrooms need new toys/equipment/supplies?

Staffing: Are they understaffed/overstaffed? Does everyone have proper certifications (including food handlers)? What are your impressions of the staff? If you're going to run a tight ship and he's hired the biggest collection of goobers out there, your first few months could be bloody.

Are there any pending regulatory issues with DCFS/ Public Health/ Fire Marshall? Any pending liens or lawsuits?

If it's for a director how much freedom do you have? How much day to day influence will he have on staffing/ marketing/ curriculum/ expenditures?

Good Luck

ETA: Just realized tour was yesterday. Hope it went well.
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