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dleythebest 04:22 PM 12-01-2015
I am thinking about starting a home daycare.

If I am licensed for 12 children I would hire 2 employees (they would split 40hrs. 20hrs each) or If I am licensed for 6 I would hire 1 employee (work 20hrs). Each would be working with me daily.

What would be an appropriate wage to start these employee/s at? Should I base it on age of the person, experiences, education? I want it to be a far wage for the employee/s and myself.

I would definitely pay minimum wage (forgot to mention that).

Any thoughts?
LysesKids 04:33 PM 12-01-2015
Regardless of any education, experience or whatever, you legally have to pay at least minimum wage (don't forget your share of taxes & workers comp too). If you don't pay federal wages etc you can find yourself in trouble
Michael 06:09 PM 12-01-2015
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