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trix23 12:57 PM 06-30-2017
What do you have clients mention/talk about at drop-off? What do you tell them at pick-up? Looking for specific things.
hwichlaz 01:05 PM 06-30-2017
I say good morning, and make sure they are aware if we're low on formula/diapers/clean clothes etc.
Ariana 01:06 PM 06-30-2017
I give them a run down on how they ate and slept and any incidences that occurred if they occurred.

"Johnny ate ok at lunch but didn't eat much snack, he slept well, not much else to report he had a great day". Then I wait for specific questions.

At drop off I ask how they slept or how they are doing but not much else.
Blackcat31 01:39 PM 06-30-2017
Honestly, not a whole lot.

My kiddos are busy getting their shoes off (at drop off) and on (at pick up) and parents are busy signing in.

Most just say good morning to me and then good by to their child. I tell them to have a good day and I'll see them after work or the end of the day.

At pick up most parents say hello and I tell their child that their parent is here for them. If there is anything out of the ordinary that I need to let them know I do or if I need to remind them of anything otherwise most ask their children if they had a good day and that's about it.

If there are any issues relating to their child they need to know I'll give them a head's up that I am going to text, call or e-mail them later otherwise most have been coming here for so long there isnt much that needs discussing.

They all know our routine and how we roll so chit chat at both pick and drop off is similar to the chit chat we have cashiers and that type of thing.
CityGarden 01:53 PM 06-30-2017
I try to minimize talk with parents at drop off and pick up because I tend to have other children present and want to dedicate my time and attention to them. It helps if you have a smaller drop off and pick up window - I find parents chat less when other parents are also present.
CalCare 02:10 PM 06-30-2017
A center where I worked had drop off and pick up communication sheets for infant/toddlers. The drop off sheet would be with the sign in sheet. It had fill in the blank spots for "last diaper (time and pee/poop)" "last ate (time and what)" "last drank (time and what)" "last slept (from when to when)". You can have a stack of those and blanks for name and date ready for parents to fill out at drop off - if you want all that info. Then you don't need to discuss it. Also, fill it out for them for pick up and no discussion of details needed. You can just say, "Had a great day, he loved the new yogurt, bye!" or whatever little snippet you want to throw out there verbally lol
Leigh 02:28 PM 06-30-2017
We rarely discuss anything at drop off, unless it is something that will affect that day.

At pickup, we'll discuss if there are any issues about the day (special mega tantrum, nap issue, eating issue-anything out of the ordinary), upcoming time off for either of us, if something special happened that made the day great, if there are any other concerns.

I like fast drop off and pick up and right now, I finally have parents who seem to like the same (Woo-hoo!).
EntropyControlSpecialist 08:03 AM 07-01-2017
I say good morning to the child and wait for them to come into the preschool area.

At pick up I wave and say good-bye or give a hug.

I send a daily report home that details how much they ate, drank, their mood, and any important notes. No need for me to say the same thing verbally 12 times, too!
daycare 08:47 AM 07-01-2017
I do a mini health check when thfor kid comes in but one would never know.

Good morning, to both then to the child, wow you brought your green shirt today. I then touch their check or such just to see if they might be hot, when they answer I look for a response which is usually a happy one. I want to open the floor to hear the child talk and then a response. If it's a negative response I might say to the parent how is billy this morning, looking for any pertinent information. I look at the child overall to see that they look well and if so we say good bye. I have stopped many illness like hand foot and mouth this way.
It takes less than a minute to do and I feel that my parents appreciate the little chat that shows I do care.
flying_babyb 07:12 PM 07-02-2017
depends on the parent! I have some who linger at pickup (we close at midnight so the kids are sleeping). most of them tend to want to tell me about there life, things that are going wrong ect or ask for advice on things affecting there kids. Most times at drop off, they drop, wave and dash!
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