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Jlulubee 03:24 PM 04-02-2018
Hello. I just interviewed a foster parent today, and I'm not sure how the payments work. Does the state I'm in pay the enrollment fees, late fees? I appreciate any information.
hwichlaz 03:33 PM 04-02-2018
Youíll have to call the worker and find out. Also find out if you can require the foster parent to pay overages. Here, foster parents pay for childcare....then get reimbursed. So itís no skin off my back if itís not 100% covered.
284878 10:00 PM 04-02-2018
As a former foster parent, in this state, the state pays the DC directly and it works the same as any state paid child. So here the foster parents could be charged for any time they were late or if they needed more than 90 hours every two weeks.
FYI - the foster parents here get less per day than DC charges per day. Foster parent gets about $17 a day vs DC charges $30 a day (note foster child with special needs will be given more per day but still less than DC charges)
Blackcat31 05:48 AM 04-03-2018
I'm in MN and I've had foster kids in care before and the foster parents pay like any other parent pays. Enrollment, registration and late fees too.

I have no idea how, if or how much the foster family is reimbursed as I have nothing to do with that part.
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