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Unregistered 10:32 AM 06-21-2018
Registered member here - need privacy. And advice.

I need to institute the buh-bye at the door thing. The parent involved pushes limits to extremes. So I need some guidance.

I'm going to ask the parent to bring in the child only if calm. If the child is not calm, they need to stay in the car until calm. I want to make sure this doesn't turn into playtime in the parking lot or in my yard. What else do I need to cover - remember the parent pushes all the limits.

Thanks Nannyde.
Blackcat31 11:07 AM 06-21-2018
Here is Nan's blog entry regarding Changing of the Guard

For added privacy, you can PM her if necessary. You'll need to be logged in however to access the private messaging feature
nannyde 01:23 PM 06-21-2018
Read black cats link first.

You need to have a time period when it's not a choice for the mom to come in with or pick up the kid inside.I would do a couple of weeks if it's bad. Then gradually allow her back in as long as the child is completely calm. If he starts back up rinse and repeat

if he is out of car and not calm then tell her to park down the street and if he acts up once he's on your property then off property and back to car. Rinse and repeat
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