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Stressed&Obsessed 07:04 AM 10-18-2018
Not sure if anyone else is from Nebraska but have any of you ever had a police officer come in with the fire Marshall for their semi-annual inspection?
racemom 11:33 AM 10-18-2018
Work in a center in nebraska, and no the fire marshall is always alone. What would be a reason for police to accompany him?
Stressed&Obsessed 11:37 AM 10-18-2018
Thatís why I was so thrown off. I have two centers and it was at the one I was not at today. The director said he was nice but I thought it strange as they have never been accompanied before. I wonder if a regulation changed or something.
Stressed&Obsessed 11:38 AM 10-18-2018
Off topic but what part of Nebraska? I am in the Western part.
Jiminycrickets 11:52 AM 10-18-2018
I'm a home day care, but used to work in a center here, and I've only had/seen the fire marshall at either one, no police. I'm in the far eastern end of Nebraska. I'm sure it's nothing, but I can see why it would make you wonder what's going on.
racemom 11:58 AM 10-18-2018
South of Lincoln.
MyAngels 07:48 AM 10-19-2018
Maybe the policeman wants to be a fire marshal and is job shadowing? No clue really, just guessing
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