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Unregistered 07:18 AM 03-12-2020
Iowa providers anyone else hear about the changes in the way we can bill for foster children who attend our daycares? Got a letter saying the state was audited for paying out too much to foster parents. We can no longer charge our rates to them. We have to charge the state rate. Anyone else hear about it? Not sure if I want to keep the ones I have enrolled it's a dip in income for me.

How do other sates bill for foster children?
284878 10:38 PM 03-13-2020
Honestly your post is a bit confusing.
What does how much the state pays foster parents have to do with how much you charge for DC?

Here foster parents get paid a daily fee by the state and I get an hourly fee by the state. What they get has nothing to do with their pay and vice versa.
Unregistered 03:31 PM 03-14-2020
We currently charge our rate to the foster parents and they pay us and we give them a receipt for services rendered. They are then reimbursed what they payed us. Now we are only allowed to charge the foster parents the states rate for childcare instead of our normal rate.

So it's basically like having another state pay child.
Blackcat31 03:46 PM 03-14-2020
I wouldn’t take those kids then

My state has max limits paid out for state aid clients and for foster care reimbursement but I’m allowed to charge them the difference as my rate is higher but if I couldn’t do that I wouldn’t take those clients then.
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