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JLH 02:02 PM 02-13-2013
I recently got back into licensed childcare. I just terminated a state paid parent for not paying her co-pay. She lied to me and told me she was going to get my money and never returned. What do you guys do for parents that don't pay? Do you take them to small claims court or let it go? Also, is there a website that daycare providers use to report clients for not paying? I know that there are rental history checks and credit checks but is there someplace I should be reporting this parent for other providers to be on the lookout? Is there any resource out there for me to check on parents that come over to do tours to see if they have stiffed other daycares? I have a feeling that this woman has jumped from daycare to daycare doing this.
proudmommyofthree 02:09 PM 02-13-2013
I know here in California if a paren doesn't pay their "family fee" we cod report them to the state agency that pays for the child care. I'm not sure how he co-pay would work. I would contact the agency first and asks them. I'm sure other well experienced providers on here can give you better advise .bhope you get your money back.
proudmommyofthree 02:10 PM 02-13-2013
I forgot to mention that when we report to the agency that a Cleo t is t paying their portion they will kick the parent off the program. Hope hat helps
Blackcat31 02:13 PM 02-13-2013
A good rule of thumb is to never provide care without being paid in advance. This includes any co-pays for families on any type of child care assistance.

Since you have already provided the services and the family has not paid, I would suggest sending a certified letter to the family requesting payment in full by a certain date. If they fail to make the payment, file with small claims court.

There is a web-site for providers to report non-paying parents but I am unsure of how reliable or accurate it is. I think it is called Provider Watch but again, I don't know as I don't use it.
NeedaVaca 02:18 PM 02-13-2013
Only accept payments in advance, this way you won't lose $. If they show up with no payment then you don't watch the DCK.
JLH 03:05 PM 02-13-2013
I have reported the mom to the state and they will be kicking her off of the program. I texted the client to give her notice that I had reported her and she started getting nasty, throwing the personal insults and all that before flat out refusing to pay. Ehh, water off a duck's back and all that. She's stuck in a tough spot now, either eating crow and paying to get back her state assistance, or having to pay out-of-pocket. Short of taking her to small claims court, there's not much else I can do.
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