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Lyss 11:36 PM 06-26-2012
I already have my holidays (paid and unpaid) hammered out and in my contract but I've run into a bit of a dilemma with wording.

I did a lot of research for my area to make sure the rates I was offering were competitive and fair for my area. So I have a monthly rate that averages out to a little less than what my daily rate for part time is (ie 550/mo ft or $30/day) as that seems to be what's going around here. So if my contract says certain days are paid and certain days are non paid holiday how would you word that days will be credited based on rate?

A provider friend who has similar rates says that for full time she has different paid holiday schedule (99% holidays are paid since they get a "discount" monthly) and daily rate DCPs don't pay if that's not their day or get the daily rate back if it is. Yet another provider I know reimburses full time at the daily rate (pt rate $30/day). I feel like I should be wording it that full time gets reimbursed at a lesser rate than the pt daily rate because that's what they pay, but then If i do the more paid holiday idea it makes it easier than readjusting each time. I want to be fair though.

As a newbie, and now after talking to these two providers I feel even more confused! Lol! I always get good ideas and advice here so I'm just wondering what you all would do or what your advice would be.
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