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Abigail 06:46 PM 06-11-2011
I found two Mouse Trap games from a thrift shop today for under $2 each. I decided to buy both because one was from 1986 and one was from 1991 (I think). I'm glad I bought both thinking pieces were missing, but they're not. I really like the 1986 game board better because it's not so crazy on a game board design and easy on the eyes. It also only folds in half and not in quarters like the newer ones do. Putting the game together without looking at instructions felt great! LOL, I have not touched this game since the early 90's when I was a kid. I'm going to merge bits and pieces that are bent or broken and just keep one complete set with extra mice. It will be like a brand new board game! Anyways, one thing I noticed was the large plastic yellow ball that falls through the tub changed. The newer version has a small hole and has two small metal balls. I really like the larger ball so I'm going to have to keep it.....anyone know why it changed?
nannyde 07:00 PM 06-11-2011

This is the normal progression of kids toys, equipment, clothing, diapers, etc. Everything is cheapened down over time. If you look at the two you will see where the changes they make save them money. It happens with EVERYTHING in this business.

If you could see a paper diaper from the nineties you wouldn't recognize it. The exersaucers of today don't look anything like the ones from ten years ago. When you look at the changes they are all decreasing materials, packaging, joints/hardware smaller, thinner, smaller nails, etc.

The time an item can be used and functional decreases so much that the customer buys it knowing that it has a short life span. Disposable equipment and toys can't be resold they are to be replaced. Replaced means more money to the manufacturers. Resell means they are out of the chain of new money.

I advise buying toys from the eighties and early nineties. If you want to see the progression of cheapening down really look at the differences between the two sets. That will give you a guidebook of how to look at equipment you buy in the future.

Also look at the most highly sought after pieces of sets or the part of the set that has movable parts. These will be the ones that soon disappear from the set of they limit it down to one of them. The movable parts will become less in number, size, and the hardware for the movable part cheapens down so that it will break sooner thus disabling the game altogether. The cardboard will get thinner and the seams will be thinner. (that's board game cheapening progression.. and puzzles)
Abigail 07:06 PM 06-11-2011
When I thrift shop, I typically look for older great condition items. Most of my items look brand new. What takes so long is cleaning everything. Another game I found was a 1984 Cabbage Patch Hide-n-Seek game and the stickers on them look perfect still! It's recommended for ages 6+, but I'm sure the 4+ ages would be fine because it's name recognition. Love finding great deals!
LittleD 07:21 PM 06-11-2011
I looooooove board games!
countrymom 07:12 AM 06-13-2011
I bought the game Payday at a yard sale for 2 dollars its the really old version and we love way better than the newer one. My kids pick that one over the newer one all the time.
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