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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Guess Working With My Family Members Is Not So Bad
daycare 02:15 PM 06-28-2011
So yesterday i was asking how to charge a family member in times of a crisis. My MIL is the one paying for care and I did not feel right asking her to pay me after all the things she does for me and my own family.

well yesterday I sat down with my MIL and FIL and told them how the day went. All about the fits of rage, hitting, inflicting herslef with pain and etc. I told them I can only do this until you find her the help she needs. They are looking for immediate help for her and offered to pay me $500.00 a week.
They told me if I needed more they would do whatever it took....OMG I feel bad, but my in laws know that I am up aganist a wall and my hands are full.

They also offered to buy our daycare a new play house............

I didnt want to have a contract since it was so short term, but my MIL insisted...

She told me I don't care if I am your family and she is your niece, this is your business and if we werent paying you, we would be having to pay someone else...
Meyou 02:18 PM 06-28-2011
I agree with your MIL and good for her for insisting when she knew you'd do it out of the kindness of your heart. Take the payment and work on getting your niece some help. It's win win for you, your neice and the rest of the family since your neice is being well looked after.
KEG123 04:04 PM 06-28-2011
Wow, how nice of them. If it's THAT bad, I'd take it. If you think less money would be ok, so be it. But wow... yeah. Good luck.
daycare 04:18 PM 06-28-2011
I wish it weren't that bad really I do.
I hope at this point I can just Be a safe stable enviornment for her
I'm also searching for a place for her to get help....
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