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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Do You Charge For A Hold Fee For A Pregnant DCP?
PolkaTots 12:09 PM 10-08-2011
I have a current DCP who recently found out she is pregnant, but does not want to enroll until August. What kind of hold fee would you charge a current parent that far in advance???
wdmmom 12:14 PM 10-08-2011
NO promises, no guarantees. Far too much could change between now and then. Not to mention, that would be a substancial loss of income...even if you held it for 1/2 your normal weekly rate.

I would tell her that you will discuss a spot with her within 3 months of her due date/start date.

At this point in the game, you have to consider that taking on a sibling that if the cost is too much, it may be advantageous for the DCM to stay home or find someone cheaper. I wouldn't discuss money or spots until its A LOT closer to when she needs care.
Michael 04:31 PM 10-08-2011
momma2girls 06:20 PM 10-08-2011
I have been burnt holding a spot for 10 months, on a 2 week deposit. That is when I upped it to one weeks pay per month to hold it. This is only to hold the spot, and is nonrefundable!!
cheerfuldom 07:07 PM 10-08-2011
I don't hold spots for longer than 8 weeks. I might for 12 weeks for a current DCP WITH a holding fee. I would continue to fill any openings you have and let the mom know that when she is ready to enroll, she is welcome to check if you have an availability or not. Even holding for 8 weeks is a huge loss of income! When I have an opening, I fill on a first come, first serve basis. If you are full at the time that she asks, you can consider letting another family go in order to keep the sibling set, its up to you but do not promise her anything or even suggest this as an option.
boysx5 05:18 AM 10-09-2011
I will only hold a spot if I have an opening close to when my spot is open and for a dcp that is already here. I have an opening in March and a family of mine due in April so they baby should start by August and that is fine with me I love this family
Abigail 09:58 PM 10-09-2011
For those of you who said you hold spots for 10 months or just a long time, why don't you fill those temporarily? Just let the new family know that it is for at least 10 months. You never know if the holding spot works out or if another spot opens up when that long time period is over. This way, when the time comes you can let them know they can stay long-term or give them a two week notice of their eliminated spot. KWIM?

If I was holding a spot for more than 6-8 weeks I would temporarily fill that spot even with a holding fee. The holding fee means "It better be available on this date" not "You better not enroll anyone else until I'm ready to join"
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