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Unregistered 05:59 PM 10-23-2009
Hi! I was wondering what everyone charges for in home daycare for before and after school, parttime, 1/2 days, 2 days a week, and preschool 2-3 days(3 hrs. per day) I am from Iowa, and not knowing what to charge for all of this, wondering if anyone will help with this-
My4SunshineGirlsNY 07:44 PM 10-23-2009
pay is going to vary all over the place. There is a big range from one place to the next.

I charge $10/day for before/after school..that's $50/week for full time kids. We live in a small town where income is not all too high.

I don't have any part time children..if I have someone that wants me here and there it's $3/hour...or my daily rate for preschool and younger is $27/day for up to 10 hours.
Unregistered 08:23 PM 10-23-2009
I charge $8 for after school, because it's a dollar cheaper than the after school program the school provides. I'm also available for 15 more minutes than the school.
I charge $25 for a full day, and $15 for a half day, because a half day child usually is a little more than half and I'm not really able to take 2 half day children a day.
I have a $75 a week minimum for pre-school children. Either at least 3 full days, or 5 half days.
That's the way I operate in theory anyway.
GretasLittleFriends 06:31 AM 10-24-2009
I currently charge by the hour. If your child isn't here you usually don't pay. I do charge for short notice or unannounced absences. If mom says Bobby will be here until 10pm, but then I get a phone call that day saying Grandma is going to pick him up at 5pm, I'll still charge until 10pm. If mom calls me the morning of and says Bobby's not coming today and I was expecting him I charge. However if mom gives me sufficient notice (12-24 hours) I won't charge.

I'm considering revamping my pay structure, but need to collect some data and give it much more thought.

My rates are as follows (I have no minimum like 3 days or x hours):
mac60 07:29 AM 10-24-2009
2 day minimum, changing to 3 day min when economy picks up.

$80 to $85 per wk ft (depends if older or newer clients)
$120 for 2 kids 4 days per wk
$135 for 2 kids 5 days per wk
$125 for 1 ft and 1 kindy
$35 b/a school

This is what I am currently getting, and most families have been here 1 1/2 years to 7 years. I rarely have turnover until go to school. And the biggest mistake I have done is not keeping up with my rates on existing families that have been here for 2 to 6 years, meaning not having yearly or every other year increases, while my own expenses have went out up dramatically.

If a child leaves for "real preschool" while here, there is no deduction in rate. I offer preschool, I can not fill that 2 hour span, so no deduction. It was the parents choice to go to preschool outside of what I offer.
tymaboy 08:04 AM 10-24-2009
I am in a small town in IA. I do things a little different then most. I offer parents their choice of hourly or daily rates & they only get charged for when child is in care (unless its a no show, no call) I raised my rates for new families that are starting from now to beginning of year & at the beginning of year I am changing existing parents over to the new rate.

hourly- $2.50
Daily (days stay same) - $21.00
Varying daily (days change by week)- $22.00
Part time (5 or less hours a day) $12.00
Drop in care is $3.25 an hour ($15.00 min.)
Anything after 6:00pm (I like to be done with my day by 6:00 but will stay open if parents make arrangements before hand) $3.50
Late pick-ups is $5.00 per child per 15 minutes.
melissa ann 02:27 PM 10-27-2009
I give parents 2 options. One is $90/week regardless when the kids are here. Or $20/day w/3 day min. If their work schedule changes, they can change their plan w/2 week written notice.
Unregistered 09:27 AM 10-29-2009
I am also in Iowa. I am a registered C home , which means that there are two providers and we can have 14 full time 2 part-time and 2 school age'. We charge $135 weekly. We do take part-time, but they still pay the $135. We also don't give a break for preschool kids while they are at school. we can not fill that spot for the 3 1/2 hours that they are gone. We also don't have any school age but our 2 4yr. old preschoolers are gone from 11:45 till 3:30 and are considered our part-time spots, so we fill those spots with the 3yr. olds who are gone from 8:15 - 11:45. We rarely have an opening and have a waiting list.
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