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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Made My FT And PT Contracts!
beachgrl 11:02 AM 11-07-2011
Please see my previous post about wording a change to drop in care for my current two families and look at my linked pt and ft contracts. I could really use any feedback on them before using them with my parents, and on how to word a letter on not offering drop in care anymore and only pt or ft slots. thanks so much!
Michael 01:58 PM 11-07-2011
beachgrl 02:47 PM 11-07-2011
Thanks for posting a link to it, why didn't I think of that? and for including the text of the contracts too!

I have previously verbally informed them that I would be making the change so it's not coming as a surprise to these families either
Tags:drop in care, part time to full time
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