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Fruitloops1 12:37 PM 08-31-2012
Does anyone charge a holding fee? I received an inquiry for a child that is due in January ( I am assuming to then start in March) That is 8 months of a spot that would potentially be on hold. I was thinking of charging my usual last 2 week deposit plus every month they pay 50% of their weekly payment. Infant spots around here are nearly impossible to find. Parents get on waiting lists the moment they find out they are expecting to hope to have a spot once child arrives.
Michael 03:16 PM 08-31-2012
Francine 03:36 PM 08-31-2012
I charge half of what their normal weekly rate would be ( non refundable), I have one that has been paying me since May to hold a spot until January. Not a problem for me because I didn't want to fill the spot anyway before then.
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