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missD 02:01 PM 02-18-2015
I'm a little torn as to what I should do regarding full time and part time rates. I plan on charging $100 for 5 days of child care and up to 8 hours per day. Anything over 8 hours the weekly fee goes up to $125 per week.
I'm torn on whether or not I should set a part time fee or just keep it the $100 flat rate. I thought about charging $35 per day for part time and it be at least so many days per week? Thoughts please
Controlled Chaos 02:06 PM 02-18-2015
I charge monthly - but here is my tier:
Drop in = $40 a day, based on availability

2 days a week = $320 monthly

3 days a week = $455 monthly

4 days a week = $555 monthly

5 days a week = $600 monthly
melilley 02:51 PM 02-18-2015
2-3 days $35 a day
4 days $130
5 days $140.

I only do part time by the day, so if they come 1 hour, it's the same as if they come 10. I have done a half day a few times for one of my families and just charged half of my day rate.
Unregistered 02:57 PM 02-18-2015
I am only open 4 days a week this are my prices.

Drop in $42.00 upon availability
P/T 2 days a week - $442 a month
F/T 3 or 4 days a week- $624 a month
missD 03:13 PM 02-18-2015
Thanks for the responses. I think I will keep it at $35 per day for part time parents. And anything over 3 days would be considered full time and would fall into $100 week.
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