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MomBoss 06:59 AM 07-02-2019
My teachers kids are required to give me a holding fee to hold their childs spot for the summer so they can return in september. Ill be moving 5 miles north of my current home at the end of the summer now. It was unexpected and at the time she gave me the holding fee I had no intentions of moving. At my new home, she is guarenteed a spot. But what if they decide 5 more miles is too much and they want to find new care; do i give back the holding fee? Im still technically holding her spot, just changing locations.
boy_mom 07:06 AM 07-02-2019
I would, if they are unable to commute the extra 5 miles. While you are still holding a spot for them, they put down a deposit with your current location in mind. If they had known about the move ahead of time, they may or may not have asked to hold the spot.

I would speak with them now to determine their interest in the new location.
Snowmom 07:17 AM 07-02-2019
I would refund.

If you kept it, I think they would have a good, solid court case to get it returned.

Your location is as much a part of what you offer as the service. If I were you (and I was last year when I moved 1.5 miles away), I would sell up what your new place has to offer and the benefits it gives families.
Things like:
Does it offer better highway access?
Is it bigger or allow for more indoor/outdoor play?
Neighborhood amenities- parks, trails, etc?
Are there improvements that your old place did not offer (fenced yard, pay equipment)?
Cat Herder 07:29 AM 07-02-2019
As long as you are still in the same school district (if you do school-age care) and willing to take the kids, there is no real change. Many centers have parents take their children to another location when they have to make repairs, they don't refund.

Don't create a problem by expecting one. Hey, DCM, my new location is ____. We are so excited for the extra space, bigger yard, blah, blah... List positives.
Cat Herder 07:44 AM 07-02-2019
I should mention I am located in a very rural location so an extra 5 miles is laughable here. That's tractor distance.

I may not have a full perspective, here.
Jupadia 08:52 AM 07-02-2019
I would refund, because you are changing locations.
First though find out if it matters, I would get an answer from the parent as soon as possible though. That way you know if you have a space open or not.
MomBoss 09:47 AM 07-02-2019
I probably wont mention ill give the money back until they say it wont work for them. But i do feel i should give it back. I have in my contract 2 week notice for both parties. So im not going to say anything until i give 2 weeks. Honestly, they do the same to me when they leave (dont give me a heads up) and i still need the money up until I move.
LittleExplorers 11:56 AM 07-02-2019
If the 5 miles would make it so they can not pick up or drop off on time, I would refund. I am rural and first thought no way would I refund, but we just came back from Austin, Tx where 5 miles would be 20 plus minutes.
Mom2Two 01:33 PM 07-03-2019
If they decide to not attend, I would give it back.
Unregistered 08:41 PM 07-31-2019
This may be too late, but I would list the positives and give a time frame (2 weeks or so) to decide, and give them a friendly reminder 2-3 days prior to the deadline. Let them know if they say no, they immediately get a refund and if they change their mind theyre treated like any other new family, first come first served.
trix23 09:43 AM 08-06-2019
that's hard... but yeah, i would assume they're still on board and let them know of when the change is taking place and that you're excited to get settled into the new location and that their spot is reserved for (child's name).

based on what they say, I would go from there. If the distance is too far out of their way, I would consider refunding it.
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