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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Long is Fair to Expect Holding Fees?
Lil_Diddle 12:55 AM 04-10-2020
Well itís official today, school is now closed for the remainder of the year. Until today, it was closed until April 24th. As I watch teacherís kids, they were paying 50% as a holding fee. Iíve had two families drop, one that said sheís happy to keep paying through the closure. The rest havenít said much but they do make their payments. I havenít said anything new since todayís announcement. But I previously mentioned if schools remain closed they are expected to keep paying 50% until the contract date- end of school scheduled date of May 22nd. But now that this is the case Iím feeling guilty, expecting payment for doing nothing. I know itís not my fault or at my request. But I hate it. It was fine when it was just a few weeks, but now it will be a total of 9 weeks. Iím nervous about making the announcement. If I offer to drop charges though I will have no income to cover my bills without breaking into my savings. All of my daycare families are working and have not lost income. I just hate being in this position.
DaveA 04:18 AM 04-10-2020
Don't feel bad about doing what is best for you. Follow your contract and DCPs should expect to do the same.
Cat Herder 05:58 AM 04-10-2020
Their contract is continuing to pay them, why should yours be any different? If they don't pay for the summer, then that is when they stop paying.
rosieteddy 07:25 AM 04-10-2020
I wouldn't feel bad either.They are being paid their full pay.You are asking for 50 %.Do you usually have the summer off? Maybe you could offer to take the last weeks fee and apply it to the first week backs tuition in August or whenever you usually start back. Non refundable of course.This situation is something we have never dealt with before. Certainly a challenging time .
AmyKidsCo 01:39 PM 04-14-2020
I think 50% is fair, since they're still being paid in full. If you can't pay your bills you'll need to get a different job, then they won't have child care when this is all done.
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