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morgan24 05:53 AM 03-25-2011
My dcg's love silly games. Their favorite is I'm the wick step mother from Cinderella and they are both Cinderella and I make them clean. They get a sponge and some soapy water and want me to tell them what to clean. This game will keep them entertained for hours. They like to play Peter Pan, of course they are both Tinker Bell so they sprinkle their fairy dust on whoever they have decided I am (mostly the mean Cap. Hook) so they can make me nice. Their one other is I'm the dog catcher and they are cats or dogs. They make up a new game also every day.They are so funny and crack me up most of the day.
Meyou 06:58 AM 03-25-2011
Our big one is monsters. I'm always a monster and as I go about whatever I'm doing the screams come and go while they run from room to room and hide from me. lol

Yesterday though there were grownup eating ghosts outside so I had to have a minature police force protect me.
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