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awestbrook713 02:29 PM 01-03-2012
So since I have been having troubles with collecting my pay at the end of the week from a certain family I have decided I want one of the parents to be responsible for payment so I don't have to chase both down especially mom. Then who ever pays me can collect their half from the other parent and at that point its not my problem. I have been thinking how to bring it up and came up with this:

I feel that having either you or ***** be responsible for paying me the full amount each week would be easier then having to collect from both of you each week. If you two could discuss it and decide who will be responsible and then let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

Does the above sound appropriate enough without giving them room to say no, this isn't really as much a request as it is me telling them what needs to be from now on. I also was thinking if I told dad that due to moms tardiness with payment he is at more risk for termination and that might give him some inniciative to get this set up. So is the above good enough, any different suggestions are welcome, I just need to take control now or I will have to terminate.
Blackcat31 02:33 PM 01-03-2012
This is a form I use for divorced parents. You may tweak it, copy it, ignore it or do whatever you please with it if it will help you out.
awestbrook713 02:36 PM 01-03-2012
Thank you Blackcat I think the part about assigning one party responsible for payment is perfect and much more professional then my little speech.
familyschoolcare 04:36 PM 01-03-2012
I attaach a fee for spliting the cost of daycare.

There is a $10 per week per child fee for spliting the cost of Daycare between two or more parties/parents.
awestbrook713 05:53 AM 01-04-2012
So mom called last night and I figured since I don't see her as much that that was the perfect opportunity to talk to her about this issue among other things. I am gonna do it a little differently but think it will work out well (hopefully). I suggested that which ever parent picks up the child on friday be responsible for that weeks payment. If there is any problems they can handle it between themselves. That way the parent that isn't picking up doesn't have to make a special trip to drop off money and I don't have to figure out what each owes a win win for both. She was very receptive of this idea and said she would mention to dad later last night when she called him and I could discuss it further with him at pick up today. I hope this fixes some payment issues we have been having. We also discussed some changes in the contract and I am glad I got the time to talk to her on the phone and not via txt which can be misinterpretted. Do I think this will solve all our problems No but its a start.
renodeb 11:00 AM 01-05-2012
Usuallly when theres a divorce there is a financial agreement put in place. I have one divorced family in my dc and they each pay for there own days. Hopefully you can hash it out with them.
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