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ColorfulLearning 05:55 AM 02-10-2020
Hi all,

So I was going through the forum and one of the posts was regarding sick children. One person mentioned that they isolate a sick child that is younger (can't cover their mouth and possibly puts toys in their mouths) and give them access to limited toys so its easier to clean vs contaminating all the toys. I have a small daycare. Mine is in my townhome. The daycare is the next room to the dining room that is basically my office. Would you create a small "nook" in the daycare with a few toys or would you put them somewhere else? My layout is basically open and I can see all rooms from either the front or the back. 1st room is the living room, then the dining room/office, then the daycare. I can also put them in the living room but would prefer not to have kids in my living room for sanitary reasons since my own family or kids hang in there. I have a nook by the kids eating table I could possibly just put soft seating in and a few toys.

Can a few of you guys explain how you isolate those kids? I exclude for excessive coughing but toddlers just don't cover their mouths so this is becoming an issue for me right now especially since this cold season is so horrible. I def love the idea of only giving them a few toys so they can contaminate only those and keep the germs to themselves.
Ariana 06:31 AM 02-10-2020
I have been seriously thinking about doing this as well, especially for vomiting virus. I exclude 24hrs after last vomit but I still donít trust it. There are large gated play yards you can buy and they can be folded and put away when not in use. I think that would be the way to go in this situation. So far my families have been very good at keeping their kids home above and beyond my exclusion requirements so I have not purchased one yet!
Cat Herder 06:37 AM 02-10-2020
I offer mild/common childhood illness care, but I use an extra bedroom on the opposite side of the house for this purpose. It uses a different bathroom and entrance, the other kids will literally never even see the sick child those days. I also charge enough extra for this service that it is not abused. Family bonding matters for a lifetime and personally taking care of your own sick child is a big part of that.

I have my DH who is licensed/background checked as my assistant and also medically trained/licensed here, too. Between both of us, video cameras and *sight or sound* regulations, I can make it work pretty easily.

If I were alone and in a much smaller space, I would reconsider (when contagious). When my own DH is traveling for work, I don't offer it.
Cat Herder 06:54 AM 02-10-2020
I also keep my infants separately until 12 months. Always. From one another and the toddlers/pre-schoolers.

Each infant has their own toys, playspace, rug, toybox, shelves, crib and high chair. I do this by breaking the playroom up in play centers with baby gates and bookshelves.

They can all see one another and interact, but toddlers and preschoolers do not touch the infants or their belongings.
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