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DBug 07:26 AM 09-22-2012
Just thought I'd share -- has real stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs for pretty good prices. I just bought two stethoscopes for $2.99 each. Of course, I have to factor in extra shipping costs to Canada, but if you're in the states, the shipping seems to be quite reasonable. They have kids' scrubs and lab coats too.

I thought I'd get some tensor bandages, a few medicine syringes, maybe a wrist brace and some old medicine bottles to make a doctor's kit, and print out and laminate some x-rays and eye charts for our playroom doctor's office.

The kids have always loved playing with the toy doctor's kits, but I think they'll learn alot more with the real instruments, and it may reduce any fears they have about visiting the actual doctor for check-ups.
Abigail 02:32 PM 09-22-2012
Next spring I will have more detailed items for dramatic play. 3 year olds would do great with smaller dramatic play but not old enough yet. I've seen people with those $1 plastic square bins that are meants for cd's or back-to-school time and they stack sideways and they put beanie baby animals in each one like stack 2 by 3 to make it looks like cages and each beany has their own cage. It was cute. I want to do that sometime too.
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